• Ladies' Sexual Health with Juan Walter

    Juan is a municipal health officer for the GGD in Amsterdam. He is specialised in giving seminars on health matters to both locals and migrant groups in Amsterdam. This training was intended to equip the Royal Daughters essential health information pertinent to women.

  • Financial Empowerment with Rita Menig

    A financial empowerment session was held with Ms. Rita Menig, an acclaimed coach in finance and economic matters. The Royal Daughters received tutorials on basic but vital habits and practices which can change a person's financial fortunes.

  • Sewing Classes: Learning to make simple clothing items

    As part of empowerment, we organise sewing lessons to teach our women how to make simple clothing items as well as to repair wear and tear in their clothes.

  • Communication & Parenting with Mohammed Ittidar [Trias Pedagogica]

    This was the first of an interactive session on communicative skills and today's parenting styles.

  • Basic Resuscitation Training

    Upskilling our women with confidence to give basic resuscitation on the spot to a heart attack victim, is one of the activities we undertake occasionally.