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The foundation aims to promote the spiritual, social, cultural and social interests of vulnerable groups in society, to promote the emancipation and participation of women, as well as to improve their position and awareness, to promote and stimulate social cohesion. social participation, sports and culture in the neighbourhoods and neighbourhoods and furthermore everything that has a direct or indirect connection with this or that may be conducive to it, all in the broadest sense of the word. The foundation has an ideal goal and does not aim at making a profit.

The foundation tries to achieve its goal by, among other things: - providing information to socially, culturally and socially disadvantaged people; - stimulating personal development based on your own needs women to use their talents and offer opportunities for themselves and for other women to achieve emancipation and participation; -the strengthening of our women's network and the promotion of expertise of volunteers; - stimulating the involvement of (neighbourhood) residents in improving the quality of life of the neighbourhood; - organizing courses, workshops, conferences, lectures and fairs; - publishing books and distributing literature; -the collaboration and sharing of knowledge with other organizations and institutions that pursue the same goal, both nationally and internationally, and furthermore all that directly or indirectly relates to this or can be conducive to this, all in the broadest sense of the word.


For Rev. HelenRuth Dorkenoo, Royal Daughters has been a long-cherished passion through which to reach out to and support fellow women become stronger, empowered to support their families as well as themselves. By calling, she is a preacher of the gospel (senior pastor of Rivers of Life Bible Church, a full-gospel Pentecostal church based in Amsterdam), a sociology/English language scholar by education. a media professional (director – Radio Voice of Naija & Majesty TV), a motivational/public speaker, a relationship and family-life consultant (CEO of HelenRuth Webinars) and a community leader/builder. She is Nigerian by birth and is happily married. As a media professional and producer, she hosts Voice of Naija weekly radio shows on RAZO in Amsterdam, and weekly television shows on Majesty TV. These programmes are geared towards delivering relevant information through grassroots media channels to the migrant community via radio, TV and through electronic media.

Community Leader:

As a community leader she has been partnering with the city council of Amsterdam to deliver relevant information and help to create awareness about focal issues affecting al migrants. Issues such as social, economic, political and health matters. We have worked on projects encompassing areas such

as promoting a healthy life style, sexual health for men and women and gender. Relationship/ Family life Consultant:

She also functions as a motivational speaker and a relationship and family life consultant for which she has developed a series of webinars for coaching and mentoring people dealing with real life issues. HelenRuth Webinars offers online courses and empowerment coaching sessions for both singles and couples leading to solid relationships.


The Royal Daughters executive team comprises of these core offices:

  • Royal General Secretary
  • Royal Treasurer
  • Royal P.R.O.
  • Royal Coordinator
  • Royal Advisorr
  • Royal Social & Welfare Secretary

Royal General Secretary
Royal Treasurer
Royal P.R.O.
Royal Coordinator
Royal Advisor
Royal Social & Welfare Secretary

Ladies' Sexual Health with Juan Walter

Juan is a municipal health officer for the GGD in Amsterdam. He is specialised in giving seminars on health matters to both locals and migrant groups in Amsterdam. This training was intended to equip the Royal Daughters essential health information pertinent to women.

Financial Empowerment with Rita Menig

A financial empowerment session was held with Ms. Rita Menig, an acclaimed coach in finance and economic matters. The Royal Daughters received tutorials on basic but vital habits and practices which can change a person's financial fortunes.

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